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NATWORK consortium combines multidisciplinary competences and resources  from  the  academia,  industry and research community focusing on a user-centric services development, viable economic and business models, cybersecurity, interoperability, and on-demand, door-to-door services. It consists of fourteen (14) partners from ten (10) EU member states and associated countries (UK and CH). This multinational cooperation is essential in order to implement the rising security requirements of the next generation 6G Smart Networks and Services in Europe and beyond. 

The list of participants: 




1.    CERTH
CERTH suggests one of the most important Research Centers in Greece with a main mission: The promotion of innovative research for the benefit of society.

2.    Gradiant
Gradiant’s mission can be summed up as “contributing to the innovative dynamism, growth and competitive improvement of the Galician business ecosystem through technology development and innovation in the use of ICT

3.    TSS
Tages Solidshield offers a portfolio of technologies aimed at Intellectual Property and Cyber security for companies operating in defense and critical infrastructure sectors.

4.    CNIT
CNIT (National, Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications, is a non-profit consortium, established in 1995, bringing together 42 public Italian universities to perform research, innovation and education/training activities in the field of the Information and Communication Technology.

5.    ISRD
IS-Wireless develops and delivers 4G and 5G mobile networks supporting more users with better performance at lower cost by applying cutting edge technologies.

6.    ELTE
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is the oldest and largest university in Hungary and it is the most popular higher education institution among applicants each year. As the leading research university in Hungary, the name of ELTE means knowledge, opportunities, competition, openness and community.

7.    MONT
Montimage provides a monitoring solution that allows capturing and analyzing your network traffic and business activity. It can be used to understand how your network is used (protocols, applications and users) and detect potential security and performance incidents.

8.    IMEC
Imec is the world's leading independent nanoelectronics R&D hub. The combination of our talent, infrastructure, and partner network enables breakthroughs towards microchips that are smaller, faster, more affordable, and more sustainable.

9.    NEC
NLE provides a dynamic environment for research careers in a wide variety of disciplines, including machine learning, data science, security, system platform, IoT and 5G.

10.    NOVA
Nova Telecommunications & Media S.M.S.A. is a telecommunications company in Greece which provides broadband, television, mobile and fixed services

11.    PNET
Ď€-NET Emerging Networks & Applications is an innovative Competence Center in the Region of Western Greece promoting innovation and entrepreneurship by providing 5G technological services and competences to companies and professionals

12.    ZHAW
The Zurich University of Applied Sciences located in the city of Winterthur, with facilities in Zurich and Wädenswi.

13.    UZH
The University of ZĂĽrich is a public research university located in the city of ZĂĽrich, Switzerland. It is the largest university in Switzerland, with its 28,000 enrolled students.

14.    UESSEX
The University of Essex is a public research university in Essex, England. Established by royal charter in 1965, it is one of the original plate glass universities